about us

We are a team of young professionals with an expertise in European integration and international cooperation policies. Our clients who come from the public and private sectors are looking to make use of financial opportunities offered by the European Union.

Our team services each client from the onset of the proposal to the execution of projects. A step-by-step process of what we offer would include: presentation and submission of proposals under specific EU, national or regional programmes, technical and financial management of EU funded projects, organization of events, and training and consulting on procedures for procuring EU funds.

As a way to maximize the development of each client’s project idea to full implementation, we provide access to a strong background in project management, a network of potential partners throughout the EU and those countries in pre-accession, and highly qualified experts in diverse fields with fluency in a wide range of official EU languages.

gigantone500why Argo?

According to Greek mythology, Argos Panoptes (Panoptes “all-seeing”) was a hundred-eyed giant, who also had an infinite number of eyes throughout his body.
This giant represents for us foresight and a cosmopolitan view of the world with the possibility to realize the infinite prospects of our ideas, projects and those of our clients’.

our services



  • Ad hoc monitoring of funding programmes at the local, regional, national and European level.
  • Identifying the best funding solutions for the development of projects.



  • Definition of project idea and explanation of project summary.
  • Research, structure and management of national and international partnerships.
  • Completion of project proposal: application form, budget and supporting documents.



  • Administrative management and strategic and technical coordination of project(s).
  • Coordination of partnerships.
  • Technical and financial reporting.
  • Analysis of partners’ financial performances, monitoring of target expenditures, explanation of financial reports and reimbursement applications.
  • Organization and coordination of project meetings.
  • Specific research and consultancy on funded project activities.
  • Language support (English, French, Spanish, German, Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian).
  • Project evaluation (ex ante, undergoing, ex post).



  • Processing communication and distribution plans.
  • Organization of events.
  • Management of communication campaigns for EU funded projects.
  • Creation and production of communication tools (logos, brochures, publications, posters, gadgets, websites, newsletters, spots).



  • Organization of training courses in project development and management of EU funded projects.



  • Organization and completion of research in several fields (social affairs, economics, environmental issues, public policies, health and culture).
  • Market research and surveys.



  • Province of Forlì-Cesena
  • Province of Ravenna Municipality of Ravenna
  • Municipality of Castel Bolognese
  • Municipality of Savignano sul Rubicone
  • Municipality of Fusignano
  • Municipality of Cervia
  • Municipality of Comacchio
  • Municipality of Gioiosa Ionica Municipality of Cattolica
  • Union of Municipalities of Bassa Romagna
  • University of Bologna, Department of Interpretation and Translation
  • CISE – Special Agency of the C.C.I.A.A. of Forlì-Cesena
  • Rijeka Airport (Croatia)
  • Pula Airport (Croatia)
  • Dubrovnik Airport (Croatia)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Achaia (Croatia)


  • CNA Ravenna SERINAR
  • Centro Diego Fabbri
  • Bruno Maderna Music Association Cittadinanza ONLUS
  • Polimnia Ensemble
  • Pixel Planet
  • Artid Medical Center
  • Centro Pace Forlì
  • WOMAN – Woman of Mediterranean East and South European
  • Association Passaggi Festival
  • GAER – Associazione Giovani Artisti dell’Emilia Romagna
  • ONG GARIWO Gardens of Righteous Worldwide (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • URBAN Association (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Limousine des Challenges Association (France)
  • ATRIUM Association – Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the 20° Century in Europe’s Urban Memory (Italy)
  • Institute For Peace Development and Innovation ACLI Forlì – Cesena (Italy)


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+39 347 9702361

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